As we explained in the "Different Print Process We Offer" FAQ article, vinyl is a thin plastic layer that we press on the apparel with heat. Wrinkles are normal since it's a material that doesn’t permeate the threads, rather it sits on top of the fabric.

If you receive your apparel with this print type and it’s noticeably wrinkly, DO NOT use an iron to try to flatten the wrinkles.  We use a special heat press on a specific heat setting using a protective sheeting to properly apply the print onto your apparel.  Sounds complicated? It kind of is!

If you use a normal iron at an incorrect heat setting without the protective sheeting, there is a high potential it will melt the vinyl and ruin your new super awesome purchase.  You’ve been warned!

Instead, please follow these steps to take care of the wrinkles:

1. Turn the garment inside out.

2. Machine wash Warm or Cold with mild detergent. No chlorine bleach.

3. Once washed (and still inside out) lay flat to dry or tumble dry on a normal setting.

4. Do not, fold or crumple the apparel after drying or you’ll have to repeat steps 1-3 over again!   As soon as it's dry (whether it was air dried or by machine) hang up immediately or better yet, put it on & enjoy your day!


  • Do not dry clean and wait 24 Hours before your first wash.  
  • If the wrinkles don't disappear, contact us directly and we'll review your case to give the best solution.  Happy Wrinkle Releasing!