So, here's the deal (the long explanation)...our design team is made up of full time graphic designers, these are the people who work on all of our customer's apparel designs. These great designers get paid for every minute of design time they have and we need to make sure that we're able to continually keep them paid. For this reason, we like having a commitment from a customer before we get started on their design. In the past, we've lost too many design hours from people that were just 'seeing what we could come up with', but were not really interested in placing an order. This is why we like to have at least a $50 deposit on a larger order, or ask that they order one at least one shirt, as a 'test shirt' if they're concerned about the final design. Doing this allows us to guarantee that our designers will get paid for their time, it limits the risk to the customer and it helps us make sure that our staff views an order as a high priority.

A couple things to note:

  1. Since we've been opened as a business, we've NEVER had a customer dissatisfied with our customized design work. Mainly because we're happy to make a revision or two if we're asked. Here's the reality, if our customer's aren't happy with what we're providing them, we're not doing our job right!

  2. If an order is being placed on behalf of a school or some other organization that has a cumbersome billing process (and that would possibly delay the order), we really only need your digital or verbal commitment that you'll be using 24 Hour Tees for your printing project. Once we have that reassurance from you, we'll happily work on a design without any cash up front. :) That sounds fair, right?