Since we employ full time graphic designers (that get paid for their time whether a job goes through or not), we ask for our customers to pay for orders upfront.
So, if you're ready to roll with your order, you can call our store and make your payment or we can send you an electronic invoice that you can pay with your credit card from your computer or phone. 

Here's some knowledge that might comfort you when it comes to paying for your order before we start your design:
In two years we've never had a design rejected...mainly because we're happy to make a modification or two when needed. Our goal is to make you happy, so that you love wearing your custom tee...and since that's our goal, we won't give you a piece of crap to wear, our designs will be super sexy (based on you giving us your approval) or we don't print them for you. :)

Let us know how you prefer to pay and we can move forward from there.