We wish that prices were one of those things that we could easily list out for you, but every situation is a tad different. Not only does the number of print locations (and depending on the situation, the number of colors) being printed change the pricing, but so does the overall quantity of items being ordered. The more you buy at one time, the less expensive your shirts, koozies &/or bags will be. If you would like to have us give you a custom quote, please go ahead and fill out our quote form so that we know the details of what you're wanting (and we'll shoot you back with a price as soon as we can): 

just so you know, our quantity price breaks are listed out below:
- Just One (yes, we can do just one at a time)

- Two to Nine

- 10 to 19

- 20 to 35

- 36 to 47

- 48 to 71

- 72 to 95

- 96 to 143

- 144 to 249

- 249 to Custom