Thank you for asking!

There are a few ways we can currently accept orders, we'll list them below (in the order we prefer them):

  1. Come into our physical retail store (110 West 24th St. Kearney, NE 68847) - 
    This is probably one of the easiest methods if you live in central Nebraska (close to Kearney), mainly because you're then able to touch & see our fabrics & printing methods well as try on any of the hundreds of articles of clothing that we stock in store. There's no better way to make sure you're getting the right apparel and print treatments for your order than to physically see what they're like in person.

  2. Call our store and talk to our staff on the phone (308-224-6068) -
    When you call our store, it's a little more difficult to find you the perfect apparel item (because you can't see or feel it in person), but if you have faith in us and can explain what you need clearly, we can make sure that you will be happy with your order even if you don't live in the area or just can't make it in.

  3. Email us with your order details ( - 
    The beauty of email is that you'll be able to write down your thoughts and details of your order, clearly and in a timeline that's most convenient for you. The disadvantage of email is that it moves much slower than a phone or in store order. We do a great job of replying to customers via email throughout the day, but our core priorities involve helping assist in store customers and printing awesome apparel, koozies and more!

  4. Send us a message via our facebook page ( -
    If you're an avid facebook user, like us, you'll be utilizing facebook as a core communication tool...this is why we accept orders from 'messages' via our facebook page. The only disadvantage to this method is that it's similar to email, we don't get these orders or communications as quickly as we would if you were coming in or giving us a phone call.

We're very much looking forward to helping you with your apparel orders soon!